July 7th, 2012 by admin

Swinger mom Susan and her two swinger daughters.

I went to a Halloween party at a local swingers club to shoot some photos of Susan for her website. Her two daughters were there. Sandy is the oldest.  A 30 year old stunningly beautiful blond with a big set if enhanced boobs, and a great set of legs. I had photographed Sandy many time before since her and her mom started the site together. Susan’s youngest daughter, Jill, was there too. A 20 year old swinger that was flat chested. She had not had a boob job ,yet! I got a feeling it is in her future. Like her mother and her sister.

The thing that was amazing to me that night, and in previous photo shoots, was Susan’s, and her family’s total sexual debauchery. As an example, I photographed Sandy’s husband having sex with Susan. Some of the things that I have watched and photographed involving  Susan and her daughter’s sexual activities would probably be shocking to most of you. I will leave it up to your imagination.