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When I was shooting for Susan I was also shooting for another swinger, Tina. Her website was TitillatingTina.com. Tina and her husband were swingers and her husband liked watching Tina having sex with guys and girls. She was a petite black bbw with huge boobs. I decided to get these two big tit milf’s together. One black and one white dressed in high heels doing all sorts of titty play. The two of them were amazing together.

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Susan and her milf swinger friend, naked in heels, kissing.

I have to say that I have watched Susan do some of the hottest girl/girl sex I have ever seen. She is really not a lesbian, but she is bisexual and enjoys eating pussy as much as sucking cock. At the swingers clubs, Susan would always attracted a large audience whenever she got into a sexual encounter with another female swinger. Watching her kissing, fondling, sucking tit and then eating pussy would make your blood boil and your dick rock hard.

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Some of swinger Susan’s hottest scenes were her sexual encounters with her swinger female friends. She loves having sex with a woman! None of the photos were staged, and all the girl/girl photos of Susan were actual amateur, swinger sexual experiences. She is a pussy eating, titty sucking milf, and Susan loves sharing her double headed dildo with her girlfriends.