April 22nd, 2012 by admin

Swinger milf, Susan, gives head to a monster cock.

One of the first photo shoots with Susan, involved a guy we all called Big John. Why Big John? Well, he had a ten inch cock. Susan knew him from the clubs and he volunteered to get his cock sucked by Susan on camera. John was no stranger to performing on camera. Besides the swingers clubs, which can get pretty expensive for a single guy, he would attend what is known as content parties. Amateur website owner’s would invite guys to parties so they could shoot content for their websites. The guys would fuck the women on camera and basically got laid for free.

Swinger Susan does deep throat.

Susan and John did a number of shoots together, but I have to say that this one was one of the hottest. Susan gave John head, and it was amazing watching her handle his monster cock. She licked, sucked , and opened her mouth to consume his big fat cock. You could just see that she loved every minute of it. A couple of times, John pulled back, because Susan was getting him to the point of shooting his load and I was not ready for the cum shot yet.

Swinger Susan sucks cum.

Now this is a cum shot! Hot sperm dripping down Susan’s face and on her bubble boobs. She is loving every second too!