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Swinger mom Susan and her two swinger daughters.

I went to a Halloween party at a local swingers club to shoot some photos of Susan for her website. Her two daughters were there. Sandy is the oldest.  A 30 year old stunningly beautiful blond with a big set if enhanced boobs, and a great set of legs. I had photographed Sandy many time before since her and her mom started the site together. Susan’s youngest daughter, Jill, was there too. A 20 year old swinger that was flat chested. She had not had a boob job ,yet! I got a feeling it is in her future. Like her mother and her sister.

The thing that was amazing to me that night, and in previous photo shoots, was Susan’s, and her family’s total sexual debauchery. As an example, I photographed Sandy’s husband having sex with Susan. Some of the things that I have watched and photographed involving  Susan and her daughter’s sexual activities would probably be shocking to most of you. I will leave it up to your imagination.

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Two high heeled, big tit, interracial milf's.

When I was shooting for Susan I was also shooting for another swinger, Tina. Her website was TitillatingTina.com. Tina and her husband were swingers and her husband liked watching Tina having sex with guys and girls. She was a petite black bbw with huge boobs. I decided to get these two big tit milf’s together. One black and one white dressed in high heels doing all sorts of titty play. The two of them were amazing together.

Big tit interracial swinger lesbians.

Having these two together at a swingers shoot was a site to behold. Both loved sucking cock and eating pussy. Not to mention, they loved to fuck! At one party Susan gave Tina’s husband deep throat, along with a few other guys, and then Susan went down on Tina. Susan sucked on Tina’s pink clit while she was reaching up and playing with Tina’s massive black tits. Of course, the party did not end there. With the  half a dozen couples there, they both had their share of fucking white and black cock for some really hot interracial action before the night was over. Usually the parties ended at sun up!

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Bubble boobs swinger mom, Susan does a banana squeeze.

Susan has an uncanny talent for taking any object and turning into a toy for her sexual pleasure. In this case it is a banana. I gave her a banana for this shoot and told her to have fun with it. Well she did! Squeezing between her big tits and treating as if it was a hard cock. She peeled it, sucked on it, and devoured it. The same thing that she does to a guys cock.

Big tit swinger Susan uses a banana to rub her big nipples

If you think this is some really hot food fetish fun, wait until you see what swinger Susan does with a cucumber. She will insert anything into her pussy that she thinks will give her pleasure.

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Swinger milf, Susan, gives head to a monster cock.

One of the first photo shoots with Susan, involved a guy we all called Big John. Why Big John? Well, he had a ten inch cock. Susan knew him from the clubs and he volunteered to get his cock sucked by Susan on camera. John was no stranger to performing on camera. Besides the swingers clubs, which can get pretty expensive for a single guy, he would attend what is known as content parties. Amateur website owner’s would invite guys to parties so they could shoot content for their websites. The guys would fuck the women on camera and basically got laid for free.

Swinger Susan does deep throat.

Susan and John did a number of shoots together, but I have to say that this one was one of the hottest. Susan gave John head, and it was amazing watching her handle his monster cock. She licked, sucked , and opened her mouth to consume his big fat cock. You could just see that she loved every minute of it. A couple of times, John pulled back, because Susan was getting him to the point of shooting his load and I was not ready for the cum shot yet.

Swinger Susan sucks cum.

Now this is a cum shot! Hot sperm dripping down Susan’s face and on her bubble boobs. She is loving every second too!

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Big tit mature milf, Susan, sucks black cock.

Susan loves to fuck! Black or white it doesn’t matter. These are a couple of photos of her and one of her black fuck buddies from the swingers club. That evening she sucked his dick until he shot his first load of cum, and then, he proceeded to have fun with her meaty pussy and labia.

Susan has her hot pussy and labia cooled with ice by a black guy.

He put ice cubes in her ass hole and pussy, and she helped him. Susan took the freezing cold ice into her pussy, and she really enjoyed it. I guess it cooled down her hot pussy. But then again, Susan would take anything in her pussy.

Swinger Susan is fucked by a big black cock.

After fingering her mature pussy, this black guy was now ready to fuck. They fucked 69. missionary, and doggie, before he shot his second load on Susan’s ass. The mature milf, Susan took everything this black guy could drive in her. His fingers, ice cubes and his big black cock.

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Bubble boobed mom, swinger Susan, gets her mature boobs man handled.

Bubble boobed , swinger mom Susan, loves to getting her enhanced boobs man handled. She is a mature woman that craves all types of hedonistic pleasures, including men and women fondling , sucking on, and fucking her big tits. She has some amazingly large areolas, and her tits are perfect for fucking. A once flat chested mother of three, is now getting titty fucked, and loving it!