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The surprising  quality about Susan, was that she was a natural on camera. Being an amateur, and someone that had never done any modeling, or performed on camera, you would expect to have to do some training. Not so with Susan! When the lights went on, and the camera started clicking. she was all real and totally Susan. A truly amateur, big boobed milf, that really loved sex and being sexual on camera.

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Susan is a monster cock fanatic, and could take on any size cock. A black dick, white dick, a toy, or object,  Susan could suck or fuck almost anything and loved it. The bigger the better. Most women would cringe in pain with what Susan had driven in her pussy. Not Susan. She would take every inch, and was in total sexual ecstasy while her pussy was being spread and ravaged.

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Swinger Susan's threesome orgy.

Susan was a sex party animal. Threesomes or more, Susan loved a good orgy and she could pleasure the guys and the girls. She is bisexual and would eat pussy, as well as, give head, and the more the merrier. Susan would take on two guys, or a couple, or just go from person to person in a swingers party orgy, to get her sexual needs satisfied. She wasn’t really a gang bang type person. Susan liked a more sensual style of sex, but it wasn’t unusual for her to get fucked by three or four guys in an evening of swinger party sex.

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Susan's big tit foot fetish

Susan has a fetish side to her sexual interests. She isn’t into BDSM or SM but enjoys the milder forms of fetish. Exhibitionism, lingerie, foot fetish, toes, smoking, toys, objects and a few others.