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Swinger milf, Susan, gives head to a monster cock.

One of the first photo shoots with Susan, involved a guy we all called Big John. Why Big John? Well, he had a ten inch cock. Susan knew him from the clubs and he volunteered to get his cock sucked by Susan on camera. John was no stranger to performing on camera. Besides the swingers clubs, which can get pretty expensive for a single guy, he would attend what is known as content parties. Amateur website owner’s would invite guys to parties so they could shoot content for their websites. The guys would fuck the women on camera and basically got laid for free.

Swinger Susan does deep throat.

Susan and John did a number of shoots together, but I have to say that this one was one of the hottest. Susan gave John head, and it was amazing watching her handle his monster cock. She licked, sucked , and opened her mouth to consume his big fat cock. You could just see that she loved every minute of it. A couple of times, John pulled back, because Susan was getting him to the point of shooting his load and I was not ready for the cum shot yet.

Swinger Susan sucks cum.

Now this is a cum shot! Hot sperm dripping down Susan’s face and on her bubble boobs. She is loving every second too!

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Big tit, swinger Susan, sucks a monster cock.

Susan is a monster cock fanatic, and could take on any size cock. A black dick, white dick, a toy, or object,  Susan could suck or fuck almost anything and loved it. The bigger the better. Most women would cringe in pain with what Susan had driven in her pussy. Not Susan. She would take every inch, and was in total sexual ecstasy while her pussy was being spread and ravaged.

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Bubble boobs cleavage

Shortly after the site opened, some members coined the nickname “Bubble Boobs” for Susan. With her enhanced breasts, natural look on camera, and her open sexual attidude, it wasn’t long before the focus of the site was on Susan, and her sexual activities. Daughter Sandy decided to drop out several months after the site opened, and not do anymore photo shoots.

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Test shoot with Sandy.

Bob did a test shoot with Susan and Sandy and decided that the site could work. He told them that the site would need at least 1,000 photos before it could be offered to perspective members. They all spent the next couple of months building the website and creating the content for the members area of the website. Content parties and photo shoots were scheduled almost every weekend with Susan and Sandy, and their swinger friends, to achieve the 1,000 photos.

When the site finally opened it was extrememly popular, and Susan turned-out to be the star of the site. The site was MotherDaughterSluts.com

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Swinger mom, Susan does BlowBob.

By the late 1990′s and early 2000′s Susan was a regular fixture at the clubs. She had several jobs and several boyfriends since her divorce, but hadn’t settled into anything steady. Susan was renting a  room from some friends and was looking for a way to make money. Her friends had some experience with amateur porn sites and suggested that she try that. Susan didn’t think that she would be that popular and asked her 32 year old daughter, who was also a swinger, to do it with her. Susan’s daughter, Sandy, a beauty blond, agreed, but they needed someone who could shoot the photos, build the website, and market it for them. Susan’s friend suggested that she contact a guy named Bob that she had heard about, that does exactly that, and he has his own website. The friend told her that he might to pay her to shoot for his website.

Susan did exactly that. She contacted Bob about doing a photo shoot for his website, and her first exposure, on the web, was on BlowBob.com in 2003.  After the photo shoot, she discussed, with Bob, her idea of doing a website with her daughter. He thought it might work but he wanted to meet her daughter.

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Bubble boobs blond swinger mom, Susan.

Susan, the mature swinger mom started appearing at the local swingers clubs in South Florida almost two decades ago.  Her husband would  DJ at the clubs and she would go along with him. She was a plain,  middle aged mom, that  would come in dressed in frumpy, flowery print dresses. She had long, strait hair and no boobs. She and her husband would never got involved in the swingers club activities, and Susan would typically sit in the back, in the corner, and limited her social contact with the club patrons. We all figured she was only there because her husband was the DJ.

Later, after a falling out with her husband, Susan finally came out of her shell. She  had her breasts enlarged, divorced her husband and started to explore her sexuality and new found freedom.  This site documents her hedonistic rebirth.